The Campaign Page

 You’ve seen this before…?!

This is the umbrella which shields and covers both other posts on here. Indeed from time to time it too will have its own voice. Usually as a standard for a greater overview, much like a leader in other pamphlets – said tongue in cheek on the press in general. But we are a/the new press.

Similarly if blogging is to be taken seriously as a voice,  it should at least emulate the best of the trade. But…!!! I hear you say, blogs ain’t anything like that. True..but no one wants to be the muck and gutter of the free press or, Murdoch, or even Maxwell.

Well here at least, whatever views expressed, are those of the writer/s and that will include guests as well. Which you may well like to think of – perhaps you may like or want to ‘guest blog’ here too.

Normal rules apply, comments are always welcome on the site. They are moderated.

Forms are on DAVID JONES and No More Excuses for you to contact on too. All correspondence is strictly confidential and personal details are never published. It was mentioned very recently if this could be part of ‘Global Domination’, ….if only!

There are bunkers to buy yet….!

Don’t forget to follow and or make contact via Twitter either. Now and again there will be other blogs re-blogged here too.

TIP: If you click on post headline of your choosing, it separates it from the post page. Thus easier to to link from or to.

Any questions?

The Campaign Page (Follow @TheCampaignPage on Twitter)


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