No More Excuses

So you’ve just read the ‘David Jones’ page if not ‘Home’, which basically means the lead page.

Hello..Good Day…How do you do? Just in case you’ve meandered here directly or both!

No More Excuses was born to keep that huge chunk of my working life which really concerned my working in Retail, Banking, and Financial Services on a different Twitter site . Apart from a spell in Advertising combined with Marketing before all that, and then latterly running a Bed & Breakfast in Spain for the best part of Six years – in the hope of  ‘…..busting free’.

Doing the dream I suppose.

Moreover, having a separate hat in which to speak – sorry, fling fair criticism on a market place now bereft of all the dignity it once had – seems more appropriate.

When I was in business though I said plenty too. Must have done some things right or I wouldn’t have got to the Director level interface I enjoyed.

So let’s be clear here, I no longer give what today has to be called ‘advice’, simply because under the various regulatory bodies I am not authorised to do so. I used to be, but there was no reason for holding these positions when you’re going to be living in Spain. Pointless exercise!

So what you can glean here will be guidance. I’ll repeat that… guidance.

I don’t want to forget I have a vast product knowledge, it’s very hard in fact not to. Bean counters rarely do, so fed up with the way Banks have gone – as an example – do not expect me sit idly by and watch the whole thing go to buggery without a whimper.

You’ll get the hang of things, and addicted too I hope, though I won’t hold you to it. Watch for the logo below so you know which hat is been worn.

The same goes for comments as mentioned elsewhere about the rules etc.. Contact form at the bottom of the page.

From No More Excuses

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