Who Nowadays Really Gives a Flying XYZ To What Happened Behind The Doors Of No.10…?

Apparently quite a few….

Especially when it comes to the ‘…jiggy jiggy department’. Who would have thought it, some naughty congress is alleged to have taken place – the PM is devastated and the Country reels back to the memories of Currie & Major even Profumo with et al.

Well those were the days! We weren’t just plain shocked, I mean what really is the damage to you or me. No, we were mortified when we learnt whom…and whom with. We all passed judgement then…didn’t we just!

This time though most usual sources of such glee have been somewhat pegged back, post Levenson and with an injunction if so applicable that is, we neither know yea or nay. Good thing in a way. Then despite this there are a few teases by some who claim they’ve been ‘…..told’.

Cat got their tongue, well Larry?

Oh it will emerge howsoever spun, by then who will really give a rats’ backside anyway! Just feel sorry for those partners the carnal duo will have hurt. The balloon will go up if the parties concerned have done something really stupid, but then again would we ever be told!

Ponder this on the other hand, these shenanigans whatever… Was any part of this tryst paid for on expenses.. Public expenses!