Why I probably won’t be live tweeting much more of the Hacking Trial

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First off, a big thank you for reading this, and for following me on twitter during the opening statements for the Hacking Trial. lt was an honour to be there and report it (even if my keyboard and carpal tunnel says otherwise). I attended many of the pre-trial hearings, and obviously know a lot of background to the saga from researching my book – but being there in court was as electrifying as it sounded. I know I got some names wrong, and had to trim a lot of quotes to fit into 140 characters – but I felt immediacy trumped comprehensiveness in the circumstances.

Maybe it’s my histrionic background as a dramatist, but I wanted you to feel like you were there too.

Throughout my covearge I also have tried to be impartial, and actually tweeted more quotes per minute from the Coulson’s defence barristers opening statement that…

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2 responses to “Why I probably won’t be live tweeting much more of the Hacking Trial

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging this – a crucial contribution to what, already, has been a quite stunning and overwhelming response to a crowd funding plea. I owe – and many others – big time. So if I can help out in any way, beyond covering the Hacking Trials to the best of my ability, let me know.


    Forever indebted


    • About four hours ago [from the time of this reply] I posted this on Twitter “…it has been…a very interesting and unique day. And immensely worthwhile – born of coincidence. #MakingItHappen”

      That coincidence started when you originally posted your own blog to within the minute…02.24am. I had literally just awoken from an unplanned and extended power nap that previous evening. Being the usual robot, what does anyone do but check the emails and the blog site.

      It triggered the remaining brains cells. Things were still whirring away – when, and this time on Twitter – you posted something again. But it was where the post appeared that the light-bulb moment occurred.

      Hence my sending you a Tweet which you ‘Favorited’. If it helped point you in the right direction..may the rest [as they say] be history, along with my few bob to the cause. One final coincidence..or two. At 00.02am [today] I checked my stats (and yours as well) both had reached 150 in visitors and contributors.

      So, despite my original doubts when Eliot [aka @Brown_Moses] first made use of this enterprising form of fundraising, it boosted his already phenomenal success no end.

      Fitting therefore it was in his ‘HackgateTrials’ list on Tweetdeck that that final trigger happened i.e one of your Tweets! TRUE STORY!

      Have a feeling your target should be done and dusted by lunch if not before, so for Christmas now read Easter…?!

      Well chuffed for you, well chuffed indeed. And for your kind words.

      Best regards


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