Being in the audience for BBC Question Time

Seasoned viewers should enjoy the insight..

A dragon's best friend


What the cameras don’t show you (see here if you want to watch the show again)

I got the idea for this from @LatentExistence who blogged about his experience in the audience here. #BBCQT came to my home town of Cambridge, and I applied for a ticket. (See here).

High security

Given Puffles’ Twitter following, I wanted to see if I could get Puffles into the audience. But the signs were really ominous as soon as I arrived at the Guildhall. The front of house staff came across as really unfriendly – the most unfriendly I’ve seen at events at the Guildhall. The security checks – bag searches, ID checks and body scanners – made the audience feel much more tense in the waiting area (the small hall in the Guildhall) than we would otherwise have been. Puffles had no chance. Part of me…

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