As the Bingo Caller said to the Chicken…….

Eyes down… [for a good read]

The Professor

Yous Widdnae Get This at the Big Bingo!

As some of you may know, I do a bit of volunteer barmaid work at the Auld Yins Bingo. For any non-Scots readers that means old people. Thought I’d explain that as communication is the point of the story. Anyway, favourite phrase of the Auld Yins, started up by the Bingo caller is, ” Yous widdnae get this at the Big Bingo!” Apparently, and this is hearsay as I’ve never been, the pace at the Big Bingo is very fast and the caller waits for nothing and no-one, including once, I was told, when an old dear collapsed over her bingo board: they played on around her and even the paramedics hung on to the end of the game before attending to her. Bingo is serious stuff to old people. Unless, of course, you are at our Auld Yins Bingo where there…

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