So where was I again?

…education, education, education. But how do you get there…. (insight).

The Professor

So where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by those impudent YoungTory whippersnappers? Oh yes, I was discussing exam results, the attitude of the media and the experts, all just dying to give their opinion. Now, I don’t have a problem with people having an opinion; frankly, I’m very opinionated myself (I’m also usually right which helps!) Results in Scotland were excellent, a tremendous result for our young people and the staff who support them, but barely was the ink dry on the certificates than out came the great and the goodness sake with their derogatory comments and snide remarks about how easy the exams were. Made my blood boil because these so-called experts clearly have no idea what an achievement these results were for some of our young people. Actually, all of our young people.

Colleagues across all sectors from nursery to further education see on a…

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