UK Legal system takes a turn for the worse

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Charon QC

UK Legal system takes a turn for the worse
John Spencer

The justice system was in need of reform but the changes now enforced are a massive disappointment, to say the least.  In early May, I spoke at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum regarding LASPO and today, my views remain the same.

Not only did April see the UK legal system unimproved by dramatic legislative reforms, it saw the public’s access to justice further suppressed.

During the planning phase, LASPO was promised to guarantee access to justice.  Now, it is becoming apparent that such promises were just noise and that injured people will actually find it even more challenging to get independent legal guidance – simply because solicitors cannot afford to take on certain cases.

The proposal to extend the small claims limit to £5,000 for personal injury claims will see more whiplash cases flushed into an arena where victims…

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