‘…….So It’s Summer’ (..only, don’t get too carried away)

From David Jones

“…I’ll stay at home please.. Sue!”

Might as well plod through the choices, as one does.

I’ve looked at the brochures for abroad online – not that I really need to – and thought ‘….there do seem to be some good bargains out there!’ I somehow at the end of the day, and despite the lure, have to declare… Sod It!

I’ve got into that morose of seeing it more of why should I go elsewhere for a moan when I haven’t really even finished the one I’m on at the moment.

Could it be worse if I did pop off across the channel, or under it?

Most of Europe is beset by the same God-awful or greater fiscal problems than us, and as we’ve just finished the great ‘Ark Building’ season, they are about to enter theirs. As I put to a chum ‘…which bank will burst first?’

Didn’t get a laugh.

A going concern..?

Wish You Were Here?

Doesn’t bode well…!

Then you’ve got the protests boiling up gawd knows where, the inherent antipathy to all things ‘Brit’ – forgetting that many share different roots – and the currency exchange to boot. They have a point. We can’t be bothered to speak the lingo and brandish the ‘Collins’ at every turn.

It always amazes me when I see the hoards file into the duty paid shops – for baccy and grog – and berate to the good folk in ‘our’ foreign tongue. Spotting the ‘Grockles’ is immense fun when we do it here innit! 

Just plain insulting to them. Nevertheless hugely funny! “..uno vasos tinto…y dos tapas por favor?!” Hola!

However, you wont get this back here – no matter how hard they try – Oh wondrous world of holiday camps. By the way, this is the Pelicanos – as seen in ‘Benidorm’. Stayed there many years ago at a ‘Sol’ love in for the trade, and it was passable even then.


So let’s hear it for good old blighty…HUZZAH!!

Don’t all rush. We can migrate to and within all parts of the UK on one of the most expensive travel networks in Europe, and only until recently, share the wonderful penchant for all things cheval in the supermarkets. We’ve even got the rare spectacle of the PM back at his stool for Question Time, but not for long!

Such then where do we lay our hat. Minded that we are of the horrors that await via the worst on television. Fair spoilt for choice us. And they still exist! Take a chalet or caravan and you’re positively back in the 50’s for décor and repair and a two-bob bit for the gas.

Bloody pessimistic little sod I am.

But I live in what is a holiday hot-spot offering those traditional offerings. No Promenade as such, certainly not of those heralded elsewhere. No pier. No crazy golf […yet]. No mock-trains linking the various sites dotted around the villages. Quintessential Bliss and veritably as it should be for another ‘God’s Waiting Room’.

The wonders of it all. It is, and quite honestly a ‘time warp’ burst only by the trippers. The open-road brigade have long since past us by and coach drivers no longer wear white coats. Halcyon days. Oh alright, some have got their act together…but not many.

We had a summer fair once….! Selsey has one. You’ve heard of Selsey!

But this beach is ours…


Get used to it.

Then I say to myself “….could always move back to the city, more inland.” Shall I return to Spain. Choices!

You’re stuck with me…! AT HOME.

Odd that, could have sworn it sounded like “….you’re out of luck my old toff!” It wasn’t you by the way…..?!

I shall nevertheless content the summer with the forthcoming ‘Ashes’ and Wimbledon. No re-positioning the damned dish on the camper for me thank you very much.

And could I really fit all my stuff onto/into a narrow boat to live on. Still dreaming the impossible. Then again I still wonder if that wreckers yard is there in Barry.


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