A One Day General Strike – What Is It Good For?

This might ‘….strike’ a chord or two for many and has been eloquently observed. Pun intended..btw!

Wondering Why

What will a one day general strike achieve? Nothing is the most likely outcome. Strikebreakers will ensure businesses and services go ahead with minimal disruption. The media will portray strikers on picket lines as mouthy thugs; with the more dedicated (and extremely brave) workers forced to dodge leftie newspaper sellers assailing them with shouts of “scab” as they run for cover. Bob Crow will be vilified (again) and mocked (again). Ed Miliband will say the unions need to get back around the negotiating table; the time for militancy has long passed and it never worked anyway, etc, etc.

A one day strike will hand the moral high ground back to the Tories and their profit lusting business friends. If the country goes for a general strike it has to be a sustained one or it is not worth doing at all.

But then with a general strike what are we actually doing? We are demanding…

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