The ‘Ring (don’t) Fence’ me in…


From No More Excuses


1. The Prologue

It’s more like setting out the plot of a complicated play. The twists and turns. The hiding, the gently misleading you into a storyline so there can be only one outcome which by then, is the only one YOU want.

Intriguing then, that for the last four days I’ve been tracking the instalment blogs of The British Bankers’ Association compiled by Angela Knight, the public face of the BBA.

The first thing I must confess is that, I’m not a fan of her previous form. It’s not a personal thing, but I have always felt that she has mugged me of reasoned argument by telling, not discussing. I/We are being talked down to as if we know and see nothing. Not a good thing.

The fact that when she does talk about money, it is like she actually owns my wallet. For an accountant that’s scary. This therefore was an interesting exercise.

2. Give me patience..there’s four days of this! 

Well it’s about your MONEY. In your lifetime you will be having one (a Bank Account) like it or not. Don’t though go thinking its all about you….its not, it’s everyone. A humble bank account from individual or multi-billion plc, all of us. From 1 – 100 +, if you’ve money in or get things from the banking system, matters related, perk up and listen.

Call it what you like, recent events (the bail out of the Banks by the Government) has prompted calls for reform. What they [Banks] should do, how they should work, the way they should work. The very nature of banking for personal, corporate, and investment, is up for discussion.

What, how, the very essence of how banks operate to safeguard their/our very future, will be done by those you’ll never meet and those who believe only they know best on the subject. No small surprise then that the main block not giving in that easily are the Banks themselves from what can only be described as a cosy past.

3. The Players…

1. The Government.

3. The City.
4. Banks.
5. The British Bankers’ Association.
6. The General Public. (Where would Banks be without us)

Then the raft of EU commissions, international banks and organisations, plc’s, Pension Funds, the OFT and the new Financial Conduct Authority, commentators, and analysts alike.

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