Over Zealous, & Over Cooked

From David Jones

That seriously is what Grant Schapps has become in one fell swoop. To be fair though, in this instance, the Housing Minister didn’t actually say anything other than announce further anticipated cuts/savings. But not at whose expense! Fear overcomes the nation.

Stop booing. The fact is though the Government have handed local authorities ‘the problem’ of saving 10% from a £5bn bill. The ramifications of which have prompted the quote of the day;

“Among working age people the cut is about 20% nationally” Phil Aguinik. Director, entitledto.com

Local authorities however can’t do certain things such as affect Pensioners. (so far) That means those who are or aren’t working? Across the board! Getting the hit.

Not much left then, so from being squeezed on every front already, we’ve another one to worry about. Never rains eh. A lot of people will turn and say enough is enough. Begin booing.

The scaremongering was done by the Minister – for being dumb enough to pass the buck to others under too many pressures for too many cuts. And broadcasting it!

The single most effective way of saving money is to start at the top, where the money is. Attacking those at the bottom (and the next up) by getting others to do ‘your’ dirty work, STINKS.

More boos…(distant shouts of) resign. We know we must have cuts, but we don’t see them hitting the real people wanting of them, just the poor and vunerable. Wrong order. 

So congratulations Grant, you’ve just joined the class of RBS for doing IDIOT things, messenger or not.     


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