Years getting here, now make money!

From No More Excuses
Yesterday 17th August 2011, a Bank, not just any Bank, funded by us the tax payer has torn up the rule book. And gave a kick in the teeth to its customers for fun…(tax payers)  thats us..of course, and they think they can and get away with it…………..WRONG.

Most, if not all of their customers have been their backbone, their core, and, oddly loyal since its creation. From generation to generation, their loyalty now means nothing. Yet, it has been unswerving. What once was trust born by its necessity from the social economics of decades, even they could never have second guessed, the stunt which stunned everyone yesterday.

In one fell swoop The Royal Bank of Scotland decided to restrict access to customers, from their own money, in a Basic account. These accounts were supported and promoted by the Government primarily as a requirement for benefit payments. So now, with this and irrespective of any other need, in that you may have banked with them either because of location, birth or by dint of employment, perhaps because of the service offered, customers will now have to use only the ATM’s of the Group. Fee paying accounts are not affected.

It means ‘Link’ ATM’s are out of bounds to Basic Account holders, unless at RBS, Nat West, and Tesco. They also include Post Offices but most are fee based.

This contradicts the contract account holders entered into. A ‘Basic’ account offered access to your money via a cash card. You get no cheques, no overdraft, nor can you have Direct Debits/Standing Orders.

There are genuine circumstances which prevent some people having a normal bank account, there are also those who choose to have a ‘Basic’ account. Many customers though do not have easy access to ATM’s at RBS, Nat West or Tesco’s. Many Post Offices have closed and many do not have ATM’s [even though most charge anyway]. 

The simple and basic rule of business is you do not crap on your customers.You do not remove and recind all that was a contract at the drop of a hat.People, when they become your customers, have the right to a duty of care. Ever more is this so from a Bank. What consideration has the Bank given to those, the elderly and infirmed, the disabled many without transport who are reliant on ever decreasing services in rural areas. Those who have struggled through all manner of adversities and those who now have to. In a nutshell NONE, sweet FA.

You , The Royal Bank of Scotland have now made yourelves the biggest bunch of IDIOTS ever to think  they could or should be called BANKERS. I’m calling you cheats and liars of your trade, and I do so from the principles of having worked as a Banker on overnight trading. It was a duty to honour your word. You have heard of ‘My Word Is My Bond’. You have foregone all. You have forgotten all, at the expense of those who pay you wages.What makes it worse is that YOU don’t come to party with a ‘clean’ track record as a Bank, do you. As you know!

You pay yourselves obscene bonuses and your tellers basic wages driven by commisions on products which are illegal. You pay Goodwin a dick enhanced pension for the mess you’re in, and deal in weapons banned by International accords. [You lend the money]  Really good form.

Suddenly, all because of a nothing transaction fee (30p) incurred once – twice a week by any one customer [the mass earning you more on the overnight market, to offset 1 years worth directors lunches] some bonehead comes up with this whizzo idea. Screw 1 Million customers come what may.

But you see I’m a Banker too, I don’t practise or feign to be one now or previously. I worked for, and as one. Having both my Part 1 & 2 in Accountancy (no need to pay fees for being Chartered) and working under good auspices, honest rules remember those, I do feel obligated to offer this/these opinion/s.

You’re not the only pebble on the beach, by the way, but what sets you apart is that it’s personal. You, the Bank, tried some malarkey previously. The Ombudsman found against you despite your best efforts. You ****ed up then, and you’ve ****ed up now, x 1,000,000 + . You rate in my book as equal to current in-house favourites who corrupt and form part of the social exclusion of today’s society. Everything just to make money no matter of human cost, self-serving if ever.
Your priorities now should be cutting your wage bill from the top downwards. Work honestly. Pay the tax payer back first, not yourselves, honour your Basic account holders. By all means don’t offer new Basic accounts as you want to migrate customers to being fee paying, but first pay your social and legal obligations you said you’d do, to your Government and your customers.

No need for me to slag you off then. Sorry, that is already on its way. There are many of me who know what you know……….some just express it differently. However much you think your in the right, you’re not, as long as you use other peoples money. So I hope that you do fall in the shit, inch by inch by inch.        


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