Perhaps blaming ‘Staff’ not the way to go..


From David Jones


Is it the Staff?

I’m slowly of the thought that there is an inbuilt resilience by sales staff in general, having undergone training in-house even through others, to say, enough is enough and to hell with this. All the grief is landing at our door.

Why when we look upwards, the Managers, line management, the company’s policies, here lies the true fault. So why are we now taking the role of Customer Service ‘angels’.

Customer service is a lost art. and separate from Sales. Lost insofar that now it is designed to refute everything (even when so so wrong) and hide behind a wall of mystic and secrecy. There was a time when, if there was something wrong;

a) the sales staff were told to refund without question, if not 

b) refer to the Manager to authorize.
Now it is the opposite of times for many reasons, but why should standards drop, and heed this Companies, why blame customers when the product, policy, and management structure is to fail?

The obvious here is your product is wrong. Bin it, modify, seek new suppliers/manufacturers but stop trying to flog a dead horse.

So it’s a good one, product that is, but you haven’t fine tuned it. It needs a sales back up! There is no reason upon this earth why something shouldn’t last for a long time, but if your product doesn’t fall within this sector, don’t worry…the principle is just the same!

When things go wrong you the seller/vendor must put yours hands up a say REFUND without question. No if or buts, stick credit notes stick exchanges, your customer doesn’t want them.

Send it back whence it came and get your money back and change supplier. No profit for you no profit for them! Get something better!

If you offer a service, then you are a different creature from the start. Quite honestly, I’d like to take everyone
whom have wronged me over the many years and do very naughty things. Content I will though be by blogging about you till you relent and make the world a better place.

By the way, it will be without warning!



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